Our Mission

We are a small group of committed North Shore citizens working to ensure the health and well-being of women, children and families in Massachusetts by promoting awareness of pertinent issues facing our communities, inspiring support for those issues, and providing education about related legislation.

We will accomplish our goals by using direct actions, petitions, and lobbying of legislators. We will hold them accountable for their votes.

What We Do

We gather for monthly meetings, sharing our experiences, actions, and inspirations since previous meeting. We talk about upcoming actions, how we can support those actions. We strive to be an ‘outward facing’ group: so we take our actions and share them outward with our social networks. In this way we hope to garner grassroots support for initiatives.

Additionally we are a group that supports one another: we attend rallies and marches with other members, we go to the State House as a small coalition, we attend office hours with others. While we can’t all attend all venues, some of us can attend with like minded people.

How to Get Involved

Use the contact form to email for details about our next meeting, or to find out more about our current action. Or, ask to join our Facebook group.