Tweetsheets: Tell Rep. Stephen Lynch You Want a Town Hall

Click to tweet to @RepStephenLynch to demand a real Town Hall. Tweet during his show tonight, 6/5 from 8PM-10PM.

Schedule tweets, or re-visit the list every couple of days to tweet again. Just remember to take a break to avoid Twitter jail!

Tweet: You can run but you can’t hide @RepStephenLynch. We want a #TownHall, not a TeleHall.

Tweet: .@RepStephenLynch we support freedom of the #TownHalls. We Demand a Town Hall, and we vote.

Tweet: Hey @RepStephenLynch what are you hiding from? We demand a #TownHall, not a radio show.

Tweet: Missing in action – @RepStephenLynch. Constituents are looking for him at #TownHall – not the TeleHall. What are you afraid of?

Tweet: I am your constituent @RepStephenLynch. I vote. I demand a town hall, not a TeleHall.

Tweet: Actions speak louder than words @RepStephenLynch. We demand a #TownHall. And we vote.

Tweet: We will not be fooled @RepStephenLynch by your TeleHall with screened callers. We want a #TownHall. We demand answers!

Take a break….

Tweet: Hey @RepStephenLynch stop running from us! Have a #TownHall. We demand it.

Tweet: Where is @RepStephenLynch? He’s on the radio at the “TeleHall”, not at the #TownHall. Remember I vote.

Tweet: It’s news that @RepStephenLynch didn’t hold a #TownHall during the Congressional recess. Not good enough.

Tweet: hey @RepStephenLynch – where are you? Not at a #TownHall. We demand a #TownHall and we vote.

Tweet: Hey @RepStephenLynch – can we discuss Freedom of the Press at a #TownHall not a ‘TeleHall’?

Tweet: Hey @RepStephenLynch I’m your constituent and I expect a #TownHall. 11/6/2018 is coming soon. I vote.

Tweet: Have you seen @RepStephenLynch? He refuses to have a #TownHall for his constituents. 11/6/2018 is looming large.

Tweet: Hey @RepStephenLynch – no #TownHall? Shame on you! I vote and I demand a real #TownHall.

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