Action Alert: Postcard/email Campaign to Support AVR, Oppose Voter ID Bills; Date 6/14/17

Call to Action: Mail postcards to legislators in support of S373/H2091 – Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) and in opposition to H370/H372 – bills requiring photo ID to register and vote. Mail on Wednesday, 6/14/17.

Overview of AVR: 180K of voting age citizens in MA aren’t registered. With AVR, every eligible citizen who interacts with the RMV and other voter registration agencies will be automatically registered unless they say no. At a time when the Supreme Court’s Shelby decision gutting the Voting Rights Act has opened the door to a voter restrictions in states across the country, Massachusetts should lead the charge for a better democracy.

Legislators address format:
Name of Legislator
24 Beacon Street
Room [ ]
Boston, MA 02133

Rep. Brad Hill – Room 128. Email:
Rep. James Kelcourse – Room 130. Email
Rep. James Lyons – Room 443. Email:
Rep. Lenny Mirra – Room 548. Email:
Rep. Jerald Parisella – Room 156 Email:
Sen. Bruce Tarr – Room 308. Email:
* Sen. Joan Lovely – Room 413A. Email: 
* Sen. Kathleen O’Connor-Ives – Room 215  Email:

*Note: Senator Lovely & Senator O’Connor-Ives have already cosponsored AVR. Send a THANK YOU!!

Talking points for AVR:

  • Every eligible citizen is on the rolls
  • Only eligible citizens on the rolls
  • Government takes responsibility for accurate maintenance of voter rolls
  • AVR changes our ‘opt-in’ model to ‘opt-out’ model
  • The MA bills include joining the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which 21 states have already adopted
  • 32 states have introduced AVR legislation, 6 + DC have passed it.

Benefits of AVR:

  • Increases voter registration, and by extension, participation in our democracy
  • Increases accuracy of voting rolls
  • Increased convenience for voters
  • Reduces costs, saving taxpayer dollars in the long term
  • ERIC anonymizes data, and checks registrations against other state records, resulting in more accurate data.

Info against H370/H372:

According to the ACLU:

  • 31 credible cases of voter fraud, with over 1 billion votes cast. In most cases these were honest mistakes by voters, or poll workers
  • Voter ID laws disproportionately discriminate against minority communities, and voter ID requirements are enforced in discriminatory ways.

More info about H370/H372.


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