UPDATE – Action: Add your name to support Automatic Voter Registration


Thanks to everyone who signed on to support AVR! We delivered the letters to our legislators and advocated with a great group of people from the North Shore. I have another action item for AVR. This bill has already had a hearing, and now a lobby day. It is still in committee. Let’s email the committee members, expressing our support of the bill. This is especially important given the Pence/Kobach commission investigating voter fraud (non-existent).

Feel free to modify the letter below, or share your own reasons for supporting this bill. You can email each person individually, or cut-and-paste all of the addresses into the BCC field of your email. Then each member will get a copy of the email, but will not see the entire list. And remember to CC your senators and reps!


Committee: Joint Committee on Election Laws

Mike.Barrett@masenate.gov, anne.gobi@masenate.gov, Patricia.Jehlen@masenate.gov, Jason.Lewis@masenate.gov, Kathleen.OConnorIves@masenate.gov, Ryan.Fattman@masenate.gov, John.Mahoney@mahouse.gov, Ken.Gordon@mahouse.gov, Jonathan.Hecht@mahouse.gov, Tackey.Chan@mahouse.gov, Russell.Holmes@mahouse.gov, Diana.DiZoglio@mahouse.gov, Alan.Silvia@mahouse.gov, Evandro.Carvalho@mahouse.gov, Joseph.McGonagle@mahouse.gov, Nicholas.Boldyga@mahouse.gov, Marc.Lombardo@mahouse.gov

Our fellow activists at the State House on Wednesday.

And here is Jim Braude from WGBH endorsing AVR as well:

Action Item: Wednesday, June 29 is Automatic Voter Registration Lobby Day. Please add your name to this letter in support of AVR. Or, feel free to download the letter and modify to send to your officials.

I will be delivering the letter(s) to Rep. Hill, Sen. Tarr, Rep. Mirra, Rep. Lyons & a THANK YOU to Senator Lovely. To sign on, just add you name/town in the comments or email name/town to me at blsnodgrass@freedomnorthshore.org.



Additional info on AVR:

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