Love Lives Here Event in Topsfield Saturday, 8/26

IMG_0603In light of recent events related to the violence in Charlottesville, we in Topsfield are planning a “Love Lives Here” gathering on the Topsfield Common at 9:30am on Saturday, August 26.

The purpose is similar to recent vigils in neighboring communities that came together to “reflect, remember, and recommit ourselves to love, equality, and justice…” (as Danvers had phrased it) in response to the horrendous displays of hate in Charlottesville.

Ending the violence, ending the hatred, ending the bigotry begins with examining our own hearts.

Whether we are among the marginalized and targeted, or descendants of those whose history includes oppressors, and/or members of a class that has participated in a system that reinforces oppression and inequality, we all have a role to play today if we wish to support justice, seek peace, and oppose systemic racism and intolerance of diversity.

Many will want to know how to translate this show of solidarity into something more tangible – How can a small gathering in a suburban New England town make a difference? When we gather like this, we send a palpable signal about what members in our community stand for, and this is something by itself. Beyond that, such gatherings can inspire more of us to support initiatives that are fighting each and every day to end oppression and move away from hatred and violence. Therefore we are providing a list below of relevant organizations that depend on our support.

Please RSVP here:

Some details for the gathering:

– *** Participants are invited take part in a group photograph, to be taken by drone camera, of the people gathered forming the shape or a heart or a peace sign!

– *** Senator Joan Lovely will join us for this event.

– Some people will read relevant quotes, poems, inspirations (*If you would like to read a text of your choice at the gathering, please REPLY to this email to let us know.*)

– There may be an opportunity to sign a community letter to be submitted to the local newspaper

– Expected to go for one hour, centered around the gazebo

– Please feel free to bring signs to hold that respectfully represent your thoughts related to our “Love Lives Here” theme. We will also bring extra signs for those that would like one.

***Please reply back to let us know if you plan to attend and if you are interested in reading a relevant text of your choice.”

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