Linked Post: Owning My Story – Life After #MeToo

As many of you know. Our oldest daughter is the ‘1’ in the ‘1 in 5 women in college will be raped before they graduate’ statistic.

During this time of #MeToo & SToPP walks (Stop. Think. Protect your Peers), and sexual predators being in many positions of power, she wants to speak out. She wants to claim her story, and in so doing, maybe give others a voice at a time when they feel they have none. This is a part of her healing journey, and she hopes that it will help others along on their own healing path.

This is her first blog post:  Owning My Story

I hope you will read & share. Let’s have those difficult conversations. Let’s make sure this changes. Let’s change the statistic – no more 1 in 5.

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