Newtown: The Movie – Remembering the Victims

Hands Up For Gun Violence (HUGS) is hosting an event on December 14th to remember the victims of Newtown. Please save the date!

HUGS, a local grassroots organization, is hosting the showing of the movie ‘Newtown’ in honor of the victims of Sandy Hook. The event will take place at the Congregational Church in Topsfield on December 14, from 7-9PM. We hope to see you there.

In these uncertain, stressful, unpredictable & violent times, it is important to show up and stand up for the things we believe in deeply. Gun control is one of those issues. Gun control laws work. They should not be controversial. No one is going to take away guns from hunters, or even those who feel they need to protect their homes & families. But we can avoid these tragedies by enacting common sense gun laws.

By showing up for events like this one sponsored by HUGS, we show our communities and our legislators that we support gun laws. We show others that they too, can take a stand. We show that we stand together, and that we will get this done because ‘thoughts & prayers’ aren’t enough.

Let’s take a stand. Let’s come together as one. Let’s remember this tragedy, as well as the more recent tragedies. Let’s make change happen. It starts with showing up.

Please share this information widely.


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