VICTORY! Extreme Risk Protection Order Passes the House!

Hooray! Take a moment to savor this small victory, because the bigger victories all begin with a tiny move in the right direction.

A HUGE shout out to everyone who worked so hard to get this bill passed in the House – everyone who wrote a postcard (or 10), called their Rep. once (or 15 times), went to a Lobby Day at the State House (or 3), called Speaker DeLeo (and bonus points if you memorized his phone number!!), wrote letters in support of ERPO, went to office hours to discuss the bill in person – it took ALL OF THAT EFFORT to pass this common sense bill.

Now, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get back at it. We need to pass Automatic Voter Registration this session – and although we have done a lot of work, it still hasn’t come to a vote. Let’s keep up the pressure!

And most of all, REMEMBER how much work it took to get this through. How many people calling, and how many postcards & letters. Because on November 6, 2018 we have the chance to make a CHANGE: we have the opportunity to elect people who are responsive to our needs – who represent our values and understand common sense legislation. It shouldn’t take this much work over the 18 month legislative session to get the EASY bills passed. We should be able to reserve that effort for things that are more complex.

So my challenge to each of you is this: find a local campaign with a candidate that you support. And then DO something to help them out: door knocking, postcarding, data entry, phone banking, texting, holding signs, talking to your friends, donating money – do whatever you can to support their efforts so we will see the change in November.

And don’t take anything for granted. We have several great candidates running for State Rep here on the North Shore: Allison Gustavson (, Tram Nguyen (, Christina Eckert (, and Jennifer Rocco Runnion (…and many others throughout Massachusetts. And don’t forget about Seth Moulton, our Congressional Rep (…he has 3-5 people running against him in this election (final number depends on certification of signatures) – so he needs support as well. There is no contribution that is too small – it takes ALL of us to achieve each small victory.


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