Introducing TRAM NGUYEN, candidate for 18th Essex

We are fortunate to have so many exceptional candidates running for State Rep on the North Shore this election season, so we thought we’d send out some interview questions to the candidates to get to know them better.

This interview is with Tram Nguyen, 18th Essex – she is the leader of #TeamTram!! Stay informed about her campaign at


What’s your 1-minute life story?

My story is the foundation of my vision – I came to the United States at 5 years old with my family as political refugees fleeing from the hostile Vietnamese communist regime. My father fought for the South Vietnamese military alongside American soldiers, fighting for democracy and freedom. After the war, he had to fight for his life as he served 8 years in the infamous re-education camps as a prisoner of war. After getting out of the camps, he again had to fight to make a living as the Communist government blacklisted him and prevented him from finding real work.

In 1992, our family came to the US with $100 to our name. My parents had to work 2-3 jobs, making ends meet with very little job security or protection. They had to fight for everything they have, and they taught us children to fight for what we believe in. This is why I’ve chosen to dedicate my career to public service and continue to fight for what I believe in.

Why are you running for State Representative?

I am running for State Representative to fully represent my district on Beacon Hill. As a legal aid attorney, I have made a career of standing up for people whose needs have been overlooked, and I will fight to bring resources and opportunity to all residents. I will work with our communities to secure every dime that our children deserve to help them succeed. I will work with other legislators to advance common sense gun safety laws so that we can drop our children off at school without fearing for their lives. I also want to work with our communities to address economic inequality, boost small businesses so that our economy continues to thrive without leaving anyone behind, preserve clean water and the beautiful environments that have made us proud to call this state our home, work on the issues of affordable housing, and continue to push for criminal justice reform.

During this divisive and challenging time, I will work day and night for the people of the 18th Essex district to address our challenges: taxes, the opioid crisis, shortfalls in local resources, and rising healthcare costs.

How will you address the issues facing the 18th Essex?

  1. Increase local aid, particularly funding for schools: I plan on pushing for the Fairshare Amendment and other measures to increase funding for schools and advocate for re-formulation of the Chapter 70 formula to allow for more money to go into the district.
  2. Enhance the health and safety of our families: I plan to do this by strengthening common sense gun safety laws, improving access to mental health care, and supporting educators. I also support increasing access and quality of healthcare in the Commonwealth, especially among vulnerable families.
  3. Opioid crisis: I would work on legislation that focuses on prevention and treatment. As part of the effort to focus on prevention, I would also support legislation that would establish a Safe and Supportive Schools Trust Fund that supports school-based programs that: educate children and young persons on addiction, substance misuse and other risky behaviors; and identifies and supports children and young persons at risk. I would also work on legislation that addresses opioid prescribing practices through physician education, and new limits on the number of opioid medications that may be prescribed, as well as increase the availability to first responders and caregivers of Naloxone (Narcan), the overdose reversal agent.

A vote for you is a vote for__________?

A vote for me is a vote to bring new voice, fresh perspective, and bold leadership to the State House.

Why should I vote for you?

This campaign is about coming together to work toward a brighter, safer, and more inclusive state. Vote for me so we can work together to fight for what’s right and unify our communities to bring about the changes that we want to see!

Go #TeamTram!!

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