Christina Eckert, candidate for 2nd Essex (Boxford, Georgetown, Groveland, Haverhill, Newbury, West Newbury, Merrimac)

In our effort to introduce you to the accomplished women running for office on the North Shore in 2018, here is the second interview in the series. Introducing Christina Eckert, from Boxford, MA. She’s running to be State Rep in the 2nd Essex district.

Stay informed, volunteer, or contribute to her campaign at

If you’d like to meet Christina, please join her tonight, 6/12, at 7PM at Flatbread in Georgetown for her campaign kick-off event. Hope to see you there!


What’s your 1-minute life story?

I grew up in Stoneham, MA and went to college at Harvard – and then moved to LA to pursue my dream of becoming a screenwriter.  I worked for 8 years writing for TV, then got married, had 3 children, and became a full-time mom.  As the kids grew, I took on new challenges as a volunteer – president of the PTO, co-founder of MEF, director of the summer park program.  I also work part-time as Development Director for local nonprofit Community Giving Tree.  I enjoy serving the community that serves my family so well.

Why are you running for State Representative?

In the past year, I have studied local politics more, and even gone to my rep’s office hours to lobby for important bills.  At a certain point I decided that I could serve the community on a broader scale by running for representative and working hard to create and pass bills that will benefit the whole community.

Who is your personal hero and why?

I have many heroes, especially those who also volunteer to serve the community.  Local heroes like Lisa Teichner, who went from running the PTO to running TriTown Council; Leslie Levenson, who created Community Giving Tree; neighbors who serve on the Board of Selectmen or the School Committees and dedicate their free time to make sure our town is well run and our schools are the best they can be.  More recently, I’m inspired by Ken Thompson, Deb Schildkraut, Jim Sperelakis, Bob Watts, Pat Adams, Nancy Weinberg, and others who are dedicated to their Democratic Town Committees, and who have been invaluable supportive of this campaign.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my children, and all children.  This is apparent in my choice of volunteer work, and even in my job.  I want to keep children safe and healthy; educate them; and offer them a brilliant future.

What do you see as the most pressing issue for MA right now? How will you address that issue?

Massachusetts is in danger of stagnating.  We have been a progressive state, and we need to keep making progress: we need to invest in infrastructure, both in education and transportation; we need to preserve our environment, andfight any attacks on it; we need to protect and serve our most vulnerable residents, from children to seniors, the disabled, those who have been discriminated against.

What are your ideas on gun violence, the environment, elections & voting rights, education and/or healthcare?

I want to reduce gun violence through common sense gun laws, starting with ERPO.  I support Maura Healey’s efforts to ban assault weapons in Massachusetts, and I would support any efforts to block Concealed Carry Reciprocity.  I will work to close any remaining loopholes in gun sales, and to strengthen background checks.

Protecting our environment is of vital importance, not just for our future, but for our present.  As the federal government rolls back protections, it’s more important than ever for Massachusetts to exercise our rights to protect our water and air.

It is essential that we protect our elections from tampering, and that we bring as many voters into the voting booth as we can.  I support automatic voter registration and same day registration.

My district contains 3 regional school districts: Pentucket, Triton and Masconomet.  I want to push for regional school transportation funding to be covered 100% by the state, as had been promised when regional school districts were established.  Right now they are funded at slightly over 70%.  Many regional school districts are left with shortfalls of hundreds of thousands of dollars, which they have to cover funds that should be used for teachers and educational programs.  I would also push for increased Special Education funding.

“Romney Care” was the blueprint from the Affordable Care Act, and it helped many people, but it still has flaws.  I want to work to fix those flaws to improve healthcare and decrease costs for everyone in the district and the state.

What are the issues you feel you could ‘reach across the aisle’ on?

I would reach across the aisle to pull colleagues in on any issue.  We should be able to agree on school funding, environmental protection, even common sense gun reform.  We may be able to come up with a plan for tax relief for fixed-income seniors.

A vote for you is a vote for__________?

Keeping our state moving forward.

Why should I vote for you?

I have a record of getting things done, and I would bring that enthusiasm and commitment to the statehouse.


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