Actions for Week of 7/9-7/15 to Save Our Democracy!

Here is a list of actions for this week. Choose 1 or 2 that you can do this week. It will take all of us to win this.



Call your Senator regarding AVR! It should be up for a vote on 7/10 or 7/11. We are almost there! Find your senator here:

Canvass for Christina Eckert: 5:30-8:00pm in Merrimac (Meet at DeLeo’s Pizza located at 117 East Main Street)


Rally to Pass 4 Key Protections for Immigrants (BOSTON – State House, 11:30-1:30).

COSECHA Fund Raising Committee follow-up meeting, 4-9:30 PM at Jose’s Restaurant in Cambridge.

Fundraiser – MA Supports Families at the Border (Boston, 5:30 pm) $100 General admission at cocktail lounge – support goes to several excellent groups.

Canvass for Christina Eckert: 5:30-8:00pm in Haverhill (Meet at Carter’s Ice Cream located at 534 Salem Street)


Phone Banking for Tram Nguyen:

Resistance Wednesdays – Postcards. Topsfield Bake Shop – 3-5pm

Canvass for Christina Eckert: 2:00-4:00pm in Boxford (Meet at Christina’s house located at 14 Anna’s Way)


Immigrants Fight to Protect TPS – (Boston – Moakley Courthouse, 2pm)

Protect Hondoran, Salvadoran and Haitian immigrants in federal court

New Voter Registration Drive (Boston, Fanueil Hall, 1:30-2:30 )

Register brand new citizens!

Making a Scene at the State House (Boston, State House, 1:30 pm) Join group leader Emily Ross in weekly creative resistance – this week wear a handmaid’s costume

Kids Fight Back! Stop the War on Kids!

Kid-led protest against brown and kids targeting by the U.S. and its allies  (Boston, State House, 4:30 pm)

COSECHA meeting – 2 Chelsea Street, East Boston :

Canvass for Christina Eckert: 5:30-8:00pm in West Newbury (Meet at West Newbury Pizza Company located at 282 Main Street)


Canvass for Christina Eckert: 5:30-8:00pm in Groveland (Meet at Riverside Pizza located at 180 Main Street

Action Hour with I-Rise Indivisible Newburyport: 4PM, Commune Cafe. Meet and write postcards to voters.


Canvassing for Allison in Rowley: shifts at 10AM or 2PM. Details to follow.


Canvassing for Allison in Rowley: shifts at 10AM or 2PM. Details to follow.


From Rogan’s List:

Today, on one of our darkest days, we have a chance for hope, a chance for change, a chance to make a commitment. We can join Act 100, a group committed to taking 100 actions in the 100 days before the midterm elections! This group will share and build strategies for people committed to ensuring a blue wave in November. We don’t despair, we act. 100 actions > 100 days > Election 2018 #Act100.  We can check it out and join in here:

Monday, July 9 at 8pm EDT, Organizing for Action will host its July volunteer call.  They hold these calls on the first Monday of each month.  We can RSVP here:  Let’s take the time to learn more about their work.

July 22at 3pm EDT, Issue Voters of Northern Nevada will be presenting a webinar on “Voter Mobilization:  Strategies and Best Practices”.  Here is the event page: We can register here:

Lawyer Moms of America is now open to everyone. “We are founded by Lawyer Moms and welcome everyone with a heart and conscience who wants to fight for separated migrant families.”  Let’s join and see how we can help. 


From the Women’s March:

Tonight, Trump is slated to announce his nominee for Justice Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court. We already know enough about who he will pick: someone with a stated opposition to abortion and women’s right to choose what happens to our own bodies.

This is a death sentence for thousands of women in the United States.

Don’t wait for the announcement. Take action NOW. Here are three things you can do:

  1. Become a monthly donor to Women’s March to support our work. We need to keep fighting harder every day, and we can’t do it without you.
  2. Sign this petition telling U.S. Senators that if they vote to confirm Trump’s pick on the court, you will vote them out of office.
  3. Hand-deliver a wire hanger to your Senators with a note attached telling them that with Trump’s pick on the Supreme Court, we risk going back to a time when women had to resort to using hangers to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

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