A Formidable Force

I, like many of you, want my life back. I want time to be able to enjoy my weekend – maybe reading a book, maybe walking on the beach, maybe going to a yoga retreat. I want to garden, travel, explore new ideas. I want to take a class – maybe learn to draw, maybe doing nothing at all. I want to talk with friends or neighbors, and enjoy the conversation. I don’t want to be on the verge of despair every week. I don’t want to witness the worst of humanity on a daily basis. 



After seeing the full extent of suffering that is perpetuated in this country on a daily basis to blacks, all people of color, women and children, I realize that it is not that I yearn for that life, but that I yearn to live in the country that I thought we were. And I will keep fighting every, single, day to make that country a reality.

Here is my list – I’m sure I’ve left some things out (feel free to add). It will take work, but I’m up for it. It’s the only way forward that I can see.

I will not stand down until black parents can send their children out into the world everyday without fearing that they may not return alive at the end of the day.

I will not stop until their is a path to citizenship for DREAMERS, and undocumented people currently in this country. I will not stop until we have a fair, unbiased, humane and dignified immigration policy that allows refugees and immigrants to seek and attain a better life here.

I will not stop until children can attend school without the fear that they will be murdered. I won’t stop until children don’t have to receive ‘Active Shooter Training’. I will not stop until the 2nd Amendment does not supersede all other amendments in the Constitution.

I will not stop until all women have full control over their bodies – including reproductive choices.

I will not stop until the LGBTQ community has all of the civil liberties, rights & privileges granted to every person in the Constitution of the United States. I will not stop until the state of Massachusetts does not even entertain the notion of putting a ‘bathroom bill’ on the ballot. I will not stop until transgender folks do not have to fear for their lives everyday.

I cannot go back to that life until Black Lives Matter no longer has to be a thing; until the policy of mass incarceration is finished; until we stop suppressing the vote of black communities throughout America.

I will not stop until every monument to Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and other traitors, are taken down across the United States.

I will not stop until the history that is taught in our public schools is accurate – teaching the ugliness of slavery, the treachery of defending that institution, and the oppression of a people that resulted.

I will not stop when this regime is deposed – that is not enough. I will continue to fight, I will continue to stand with others, I will keep up with the struggle until we ALL have the freedoms and privileges that we deserve.

It will take a long time. But it is a battle that I am determined to win. 

Together we are a formidable opponent. Together we will win.

Who else is in?

One thought on “A Formidable Force

  1. Thank you, Bambi. I will remember this post whenever I want a day off — and just keep going. I can’t fix all of this — but I will work on as much of it as I can.


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