It’s Time To LEAD Charlie Baker!

Our statement from May 13, Newburyport, MA:

At a time of unprecedented partisanship in American politics, we are dismayed to see the Massachusetts Republican Party spreading lies and propaganda targeting elected Democrats on Beacon Hill. The MassGOP leadership is using loaded words like ‘infanticide’ and ‘baby killer’ while displaying photos of legislators who have signed on in support of the ROE Act.

And while Republicans may not support the ROE Act, this protest is not about the bill per se. This is about the use of dangerous, inflammatory rhetoric that targets specific people who are trying to do their job. It is putting the safety of our elected officials at risk. Legislators attend hundreds of events a month – how do they know they are safe?

The ad campaign also targets democrats who support Safe Communities, and most recently, they have launched a video ad that targets the trans community. Republicans at all levels should be concerned about the use of lies instead of the truth, about the use of propaganda by their party because it stops us from discussing the facts.

We are calling on Governor Baker, the figurehead of the Republican Party in Massachusetts, to use the power of his position to shut down the propaganda. We call on the Governor to make a public statement denouncing the ads before someone is hurt. We call on Governor Baker to stand up for what is right and to stand up for the truth.

We stand in solidarity with the elected officials who support the ROE Act and Safe Communities. Won’t you join us?

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