Governor Baker’s Response to My Question About MassGOP Targeting Legislators With Lies

On May 23, 2019, I called into to Boston Public Radio to ask the Governor if he will take a stand denouncing the LIES being used by his Massachusetts Republican party, targeting legislators on Beacon Hill who support the ROE Act.

His response was milquetoast. He did not take a stand. He did not stand up for our legislators.

The impact of the ad campaign by the MassGOP is to effectively stop the ROE Act in its tracks. Using words like ‘infanticide’ and ‘baby killer’ results in those supporting the bill getting threatening emails and phone calls daily. The lies are intimidating legislators, who are being confronted at events by folks that believe the lies. This is irresponsible and dangerous.

The bill has not been brought up for a hearing, and it is unclear when, or if, that will happen. This is political terrorism, and that is unacceptable.

I am not asking the Governor to support the bill. I am asking him to call on his party to stop the lies.

His phone number: 617.725.4005. Let him know that political terrorism is unacceptable.

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