Freedom North Shore Delivers Letters to Baker, Tarr & Jones Calling for Public Statements Against MassGOP Ad Campaign

On Tuesday, June 4, 2019, members of Freedom North Shore delivered letters with 300+ signatures to Governor Baker, Senator Tarr & Representative Jones, calling on them to make a public statement denouncing the use of dangerous lies and propaganda by Jim Lyons and the MassGOP. The signatures were collected in less that 24 hours.

Standing outside of the State House with 300+ signatures

Here is the letter:

We are writing regarding the disturbing and dangerous propaganda being distributed by the MassGOP, using inflammatory and hateful language, like ‘infanticide’. At the Tewksbury Town Meeting, the group distributed a leaflet falsely accusing Rep. Nguyen, and others, of supporting ‘infanticide’. It included an image of a baby wrapped in a blanket waiting to be killed. As you know, the ROE Act is not about infanticide. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Because of your position as the Senate Minority Leader, we ask that you make a public statement denouncing the ad campaign, correcting the record about what the ROE Act would do. By making a statement I think you will accomplish two things:

  1. show your solidarity in raising your voice in support of your colleagues; and
  2. let the people of your district, and the Commonwealth, know that elected Republican leaders on Beacon Hill do not support the use of propaganda nor the propagation of hate for any reason.

And finally, we believe that no elected official should be targeted by a smear campaign because of their position on a specific piece of legislation. We believe in civil, fact-based and informed discussion about the pros/cons of an issue, without resorting to lies and propaganda. Please stand up for your colleagues and for truth. Please stand against the hate. Thank you.

While in Senator Tarr’s office we were able to speak with a staff member who told us that the Senator cannot speak out against the propaganda because of his role in leadership. It might appear as if the Republican Party is divided. The Senator doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and get people upset about the issue.

That doesn’t fly for two reasons: 1) leaders lead. We look to our leaders to do the right thing, to take the high road, to make a choice and stand for something. To be able to accept the consequences of those choices. And 2) this is not about the ROE Act. This is about dangerous tactics that could get someone hurt. Last week was the 10th year since the murder of Dr. Tiller while on his way to an abortion clinic. The reluctance of this triumvirate to speak out and stand up for what is right is appalling.

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