Bills to Follow

S 34 – A bill to repeal the welfare family cap.

S 295 – An Act relative to preventing the sexual abuse of children and youth

S 456 – An Act ensuring safe drinking water at schools and early childhood programs

S554 – An Act relative to insurance coverage for mammograms and breast cancer screening

S 706 – An Act relative to sexual violence on higher education campuses

S 899 – An Act to advance hate-crime protections for victims who are targeted due to their gender

S 902 – An Act amending the statute of limitations regarding criminal prosecutions for the crimes of sexual assault and rape of a child

S 1023 – An Act establishing the Massachusetts pregnant workers fairness act

S1831 – An Act to Combat Climate Change

H2310 – An Act the End Child Marriage in Massachusetts. Yes, this is really a bill, and yes this really happens in MA. Here is a Fact Sheet from Rep. Khan’s office. According to Rep. Khan’s office, no organizations have come out officially against the bill.